Why I am running

Thank you for visiting this site and learning about why I am running for school board.  The decision to run was one that my family and I did not enter into lightly.  As a parent to three wonderful boys, Garrett who is entering 5th grade, Gavin 2nd grade, and Griffin who will be entering pre-school in 2019, my family is obviously invested in our district and what it is, can, and should be. On the other hand we wanted to make sure that serving on the school board would not take me away from too many of the precious moments we have during this window of time when our kids are still “kids”. Between family commitments, coaching, extracurricular activities, work, spending time up at our cabin and all the other things that already keep our family busy made adding one other item to our plate something that we had to be sensitive to. In the end though we felt that I have a unique perspective and experience to offer that I hope will contribute to a stronger board that will be a part of guiding and leading the district through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. […]

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