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    The most valuable resources we have in the state are our children. Keeping our schools strong benefits our children, families, businesses, and community. As a father of two young children, Larry Hosch is committed to making education our top priority.

    • Funding our schools fairly and equitably at the state level: Eight years ago the state paid 87% of education costs; today that share has dropped to only 76% with the remaining balance being funded through property taxes. Larry Hosch will fight for fair and equitable funding of our schools at the state level so we don’t have to rely as heavily on local property taxes.
    • Funding early childhood education and all day, every day kindergarten: Studies have proven that investing in our children at a young age provides an eight dollar return on every dollar invested. Early childhood education and all day, everyday kindergarten helps narrow the achievement gap, prepare our children for the future, and saves us money in the long-term.
    • Better schools make for a better business environment: Minnesota has more fortune 500 companies per capita than any state in the nation. These businesses aren’t in Minnesota because we have the best weather climate or tax climate, but because we have the most educated and hardworking workforce in the world. Our investment in education has made our state what it is today. Larry Hosch will ensure that we continue our rich tradition in supporting a world class education system into the future.